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This site is designed to be a source of assistance to all residents of Southdown Farm.
It is not intended to be a legally binding document of any sort but a guide to the way life is lived on the Farm.

21st.July 2019

Within the last few days we have had 3 incidents concerning stolen/ severely damaged motor cycles on SDF. In one case, the motor cycle was actually stolen and removed from the Farm. In the other two cases, attempts were made to steal each of the two cycles – although these failed, the cycles were badly damaged and were abandoned elsewhere on the Farm. Please take all precautions to protect your bike – at least for the immediate future, as this would seem the be the work of the same individual(s)!

If you see anyone acting suspiciously please take down all the details that you can and report them to the police. If you saw any suspicious bike activity Saturday afternoon between 12.30 and 5.00pm on the corner of Garden Path and Southdown Close (near the pile of earth excavated from the Piggery), please contact Derek Myers as soon as you can (Tel 747-3349). One bike was abandoned in this area and parts from Derek’s bike, which was stolen, were found here.

The Winter Summer Schedule is now in operation.

December 1 to April 30, the gardeners will be operating under the winter schedule.

They will be coming to you every 4 weeks.

On intervening weeks the gardeners will work on pruning trimming of hedges and trees around the Farm.

A reminder to all Southdown Farm home owners

The future maintenance, i.e. painting and varnishing, of wooden door and window frames as well as wooden windows and doors is now the responsibility of owners.

All shutters, as long as they are in good condition, will be painted by the SDF Maintenance Team. However, any/all repairs required for shutters are the responsibility of the home owner.

Replacement of frames, windows, shutters and doors is the responsibility of the home owners. Wooden replacements are strongly discouraged while the use of aluminum or PVC is highly recommended.

Home owners are also reminded that plans for replacements must be submitted to the Board for approval prior to any work being carried out.

Approved window and shutter styles
At the AGM, there was discussion about replacements of windows and doors. The Board have obtained a special deal with PVC Windows and Doors. David Chiappa, owner and President, has agreed that all owners of units at Southdown Farm will receive a 15% discount across the board for any of his windows and doors and 7½% on shutters supplied and installed on the Farm. All orders and payments are for the individual owner's account unless specially ordered by the Maintenance Directors of the Board.
Visit their website for pictures and prices of all available items

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